Two 12-Packs - Peach and Peach Combo Pack

Two 12-Packs - Peach and Peach Combo Pack

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After a workout or throughout an active day Reliant Recovery Water helps you keep hydrated and recover faster*.

Through years of scientific research, we've developed a patented method to process our water, resulting in an innovative new beverage clinically shown to reduce physical stress and accelerate muscle recovery*. 

Naturally flavored with no sugar added and no calories, Reliant Recovery Water has a fresh, crisp taste without the artificial junk. Just Oxygen and Electrolytes to help you bounce back faster.

Your case will contain: two 12-packs (500ml bottles) in a temperature maintaining box. Please refrigerate immediately upon receipt. Reliant Recovery Water must be kept cold at a temperature between 33ºF and 50ºF (1ºC and 10ºC). Be careful to avoid freezing.

* For full details, check out our Published Research